The Complete Guide to 100,000 Downloads

100,000Its hard to believe, but the Halloween episode marks episode #18 for us (not including our very brief attempt at video which lasted 3 episodes before sputtering off to die). In only about 4 months we've had an incredible response, with now over 100,000 downloads. And the crazy part? Its only growing. The Hip Hop episode just passed 10,000 downloads, and the Halloween episode is right behind it with 8,000.

Everyday we're adding "Fans" on Facebook and "Followers" on Twitter. Our forums were launched recently as well are already becoming a lively and intellectual venue for debate (see Slang/Curse Words).

So what's next? Loads. This weekend will see the recording of 3 new episodes (Baseball, College - Sophomore Year, and TBD) with a 4th (TBD) taking place later in the week. We normally only record one episode per week, usually a Wednesday or Thursday, but Tim leaves for tour soon so we've got to make sure we're stocked up with fresh, piping hot content for you every week.

While we enjoy our November "hiatus" you can still expect a new episode delivered every Sunday and some exciting new blog posts from Tim's journey through America and Tom's journey to the same places he goes to everyday! Thanks for all the emails, wall posts, forum posts, tweets, beer sponsorships, Amazon purchases and reviews. Its great knowing who's out there and seeing your support. 100,000 downloads means nothing without it.

Your pals,
Tim and Tom