You Decide the Best of The Complete Guide!

Greatest HitsWe're about 5 months in and we're already pulling out a clip show. As everyone has no doubt heard thanks to the relentless tabloid/paparazzi coverage, Tim is on tour. This weekend will see the release of the 3rd of 3 episodes that were recorded a few days before he left. The problem? Tim's still gone for another week. That means "Best Of" show and we need your help!

So how can you help? Tell us in the comments or leave us a voicemail about your favorite moment from TCGTE thus far has been. Be sure to include the episode title and timecode.

Good example:

"The time Tom figured out the secret to cold fusion. It was during the Science episode, 14:43 in until 17:32." Awesome. Great. We'll find that super easy.

Bad example:

"That time Tim said the really funny thing about driving cars." We have no idea what we talked about, especially when. Seriously. As soon as an episode is done being taped its like someone comes in and brainwashes us.

If we pick your suggestion we'll give you credit in the episode. If you leave us a voicemail we'll play it during the show. (0)5603 664235 (UK) or 1-775-256-9703 (US). We've changed the comment system on to make it easier to sign in (you can use your Facebook or Twitter account, no need for another signup!) so please try to keep all suggestions here or on voicemail to make it easier for us to sort through.