The Best of Everything

Greatest Hits


Baby Boomers (The Beatles)
CD Drive Prank (Freshman Year)
Midget Sighting (NYC)
Teenagers (Weird Al)
Book of World Records for Kids (Fall TV)
Nasty Latinas (North Korea)
Upper Decker (Bathroom Etiquette)
Werewolf Diarrhea (Halloween)
Hitting Cavemen with a DeLorean(Time Travel)
Hipster Potbellys (NYC)
Scumbags of the Week (Baseball)
Tim's 9/11 Job Training (Sophomore Year)
John Lennon Stops By (The Beatles)

Tim the Sorcerer (Freshman Year) [Hidden Track]

Super special thanks to Andre and Ian who did the majority of the hard work for us on this one. We owe you each a beer. Thanks also to Keith, Simone, Ricky, Michelle, Sharon, and Emily for your suggestions. We owe you all a beer which you may split with each other.
We'll be back next week with an all new, jam packed, star studded fresh episode.