TCGTE London Meetup Photos

For anyone who's old and doesn't understand Facebook, we've posted a gallery of photos from our very first meetup, which also happened to be our very first international meetup. Beers were drank, fun was had, secrets were shared. For a little while it looked like things might have gone south, and we were going to be forced to enter into one of those pledges to one another that we'd never, ever share with anyone else what happened that night. Like in movies when a group of high school kids accidentally kill a homeless man and make an oath to each other never to tell a soul. Luckily nothing like that happened so we're happy to share these photo memories.

We had about 25 people come down, which is absolutely nuts to me. Thank you so much to everyone who came. Everyone who didn't, you missed out on possibly the funnest night anyone has ever seen. Lucky for you that we're planning to come back soon and bring a live show with us.

Thanks to Natalie and David for the excellent photos. Extra special thanks to Natalie for wearing a fake beard so people wouldn't go through complete Tim withdrawal.

TCGTE London Meetup 2010 Gallery