TCGTE (Beta) Android App and London Listener Meetup

Man, what a week! Am I right guys or am I right?! Were you dreading the thought of another long weekend, desperately waiting for Sunday night just so you could download the newest episode of TCGTE? Well guess what: Are you ready for possibly the most exciting weekend of your life? Because its here.

We're very happy to announce the immediate availability of the TCGTE (Beta) app for Google Android phones! Now whether you have an iPhone or an Android you'll never be without. A caution though: the Android app is extremely beta right now. It might not work on all Androids, certain features in the iPhone app may be missing/not working, it may drunk dial your ex late at night, etc. but we wanted to get it out as soon as possible. Look for future updates. Oh, and its free.

Additionally, the second TCGTE meetup will be happening in London tomorrow, Saturday December 11th at 8PM in the The Porterhouse Covent Garden. This is an unofficial meetup so neither I nor Tim will be there, but its a great chance to hang out with likeminded individuals to complain about teenagers or what have you.

So, whether you own an Android phone or you live in London, England, its sure to be a great weekend. Neither of these apply to you? Well tough shit. Them's the breaks.