TCGTE App Named Staff Pick in iPhone App Directory!

Some people might have already seen this posted to our Facebook wall, but early this month an awesome listener named Manny posted a photo of a 4 star review of our iPhone app in the iPhone App Directory Vol. 6. Great! Except this magazine was all the way in England, a completely different country from the one we live in!

About twice a week, every week since then I've been going to Barnes & Noble only to repeatedly find only Vol. 1 through 5 available. Now these are fine volumes, don't get me wrong, but they weren't the one that had our very first piece of real deal press (I don't count the numerous letters to the editor both of us have had printed in Cat Fancy and Highlights magazines).

I'd reached the end of my rope and thought I'd have no choice but to travel to England myself to get this magazine when a friend told me about something called "Google". I was skeptical, but this "Google" told me that there was in fact a magazine store right around the corner from the B&N I'd been checking! Granted my plan of simply taking the magazine into the B&N bathroom where I could just tear the appropriate page out, eat it, and regurgitate it later to save money on buying the entire magazine wouldn't be possible any more but I decided to give it a try.

Imagine my shock when said store had said magazine prominently displayed! After some haggling in an effort convince the clerk that I should only have to pay for the page I required, we came to a compromise where I instead signed all the copies, posed for a photo with the staff, and gave them $20.

In the end it was well worth it as not only is it a very flattering review, but our App was also the Staff Pick for Entertainment Apps (Free). All joking aside, that really did floor us and we're really honored by what must have been a huge typo or the result of a lost bet. We've transcribed it below and included some scans if you're interested in reading it for yourself. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch there's really no reason you shouldn't download the app (or if you have an Android, try to beta version). Not only is it free, but we have a really, really awesome update planned for February that'll knock your socks off.

 The Complete Guide to Everything: Like Wikipedia, but not educational. You'll see. 4/5 Stars:

The Complete Guide To Everything podcast is something of an anomaly in that its Brooklyn-based founders, Tom Reynolds and Tim Daniels, strive to usurp Wikipedia as the standard bearer of internet knowledge, yet do so using the power of comedy. Such an insightful, hilarious creation shouldn't be educational in the slightest, yet we're starting to think that if kids were taught this at school, they’d never want to leave.

This is the official app of the Complete Guide To Everything podcast and includes access to single episode. Tom and Tim improvise their through a new topic each week, posting each installment on their website, and this app of the show essentially condenses the website down, allowing quick streaming of the episodes from your device. The comic chemistry between the two 'tutors' is superb, making them hilarious, competent hosts. As the show is becoming rather big worldwide, picking up podcast award nominations and a large following, it seems that the duo are on the cusp of breaking into something much bigger.

Some of the podcasts divert from the core topic a lot throughout the course of each show as the witty banter ping- pongs around with reckless abandon, but such erratic direction keeps each show interesting. For example a recent two-parter on the topic of dating takes a long time to get on topic to begin with, filling the time with random banter about the purpose of farmers, breaking the spirit of wild horses and things tar too racy to publish here.

While this is truly excellent app, we did find that some episodes take a while to load and loading loading will pause if you move to a different tab while the app is attempting to stream. There is also a lack of multitasking options, although each recording will pause if you leave the app and be ready for continuation next time you open it. These really are minor criticisms,however, and this remains an app with hour worth of fun packed inside.

So it’s adult entertainment, but it never strays too close to lowest common denominator territory, amazingly keeping the discussion highbrow and humorous in equal measure. The app also has a tab bar that takes you straight to the show's official Twitter feed, Tim and Tom's personal blogs and a button to send the hosts a message directly. lt's a neat insight into appears to be growing into something of a pop culture craze, and with a wealth of content already available, the app is already brilliant value the moment you download it.