We Need Your Help! UPDATE: We Don't Anymore!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the help everyone, we don't need anymore submissions at this time.

We're working on a new secret project and need your help. We're looking to compile a list of some of the best one line or two line exchanges from TCGTE that are relevant to the episode they're in. So for example, something like the Loch Ness Monster episode where Tim says, "Half Brontosaurus, half Great White Shark, The Loch Ness Monster has gained international notoriety due to the brazen manner in which it performs its grisly public killings." The more ridiculous the better just as long as its relevant to the episode's title.

If we use one you helped find for us we'll send you one of the really cool new TCGTE logo stickers we just had made. They're 4" big! Perfect for laptops, cars, airplanes, you name it! Plus we'll thank you on the show, sure to bring fame and glory to you and your family.

Just send us the episode name, relevant line (it doesn't have to be verbatim) and how many minutes/seconds into the show it's said to thecompleteguidetoeverything@gmail.com. Thanks pals!