Introducing Our Sexy New Podcast: TCGTE After Dark

Are you a fan of The Complete Guide to Everything? Do you want more Tim and Tom in your life? Do you enjoy when an episode you’re listening to goes off the rails a little bit and sometimes doesn’t make much sense? Well, have we got the thing for you!

We’re really excited to announce the launch of of The Complete Guide to Everything After Dark, our brand new monthly podcast.

You’re probably asking, “What the hell is this?!?!”

First of all, calm down. The Complete Guide to Everything After Dark is a lot like the regular podcast, except a little more freewheeling. We’ll have some of our friends joining the discussion (people you’ve heard us talk about on The Complete Guide to Everything), and we’ll be talking about topics we normally wouldn’t cover on the regular podcast. Basically, it’s a big fun experiment that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Oh, and it’s very, very sexy.

Right now you can hear the first episode, "Algernon, or Where Did All Those Birds Come From?" featuring our oldest and dearest friend Algernon, who you might remember from our “Hip Hop” episode.

The Complete Guide to Everything After Dark is only available through our premium subscription. Go here for more information about that and to sign up. Episodes will come out on the second Thursday of every month and they’ll be at least an hour long. (When you sign up for the premium subscription, you'll have access to the monthly After Dark episodes, the entire back catalogue and other random episodes, like our Live In London: Superheroes episode. Basically, anything we've ever done.)

Also, without the constraints of the normal podcast (you wouldn’t believe how many people freak out when we change the smallest little thing!), we’re free to try new things. If you have any suggestions or things you’d like to hear on TCGTE After Dark, email us at As the show evolves, we’ll add new segments and other fun stuff.

We’re super psyched about this, so let us know what you think. And don’t worry: nothing will change on the regular podcast. Those will keep coming out every Sunday night, just in time for the Monday Morning Grind.