Pop Everything Episode 1: We Are Legally Obligated to Talk About Breaking Bad

 In case you haven't heard, we've started a new weekly pop culture podcast called POP EVERYTHING that will be released every Thursday. If you're a TCGTE fan, expect more of the same (Tim and Tom talking to each other), but we'll be going more in depth about TV shows, movies, music and books. And don't worry, nothing is happening to The Complete Guide to Everything; episodes will still be out every Sunday night.

In our first episode we devote all our time to Breaking Bad's last episode, because the law clearly states that if you're talking about pop culture in 2013 you have to talk about Breaking Bad. Specifically, we discuss a theory popularized by Norm MacDonald and Emily Nussbaum that has divided the public and threatens to pit brother against brother in a bloody fight over the correct way to interpret a television show.

Needless to say this is full of spoilers, so don't listen if you're one of those people who insists on waiting several weeks/months/years before jumping on a bandwagon.

And hey, as this is our first episode, we expect this show to evolve over time as we broaden our scope to cover music, movies, books and other TV shows. Let us know what you want to hear us talk about or tell us how our theories are wrong at popeverything@gmail.com.