Pop Everything Episode 2: The Catcher in the Pies

In case you haven't heard, we've started a new weekly pop culture podcast called POP EVERYTHING that will be released every Thursday. If you're a TCGTE fan, expect more of the same (Tim and Tom talking to each other), but we'll be going more in depth about TV shows, movies, music and books. And don't worry, nothing is happening to The Complete Guide to Everything; episodes will still be out every Sunday night.


 This week on Pop Everything we discuss Salinger, the new documentary about JD Salinger, and talk about why teens are so wild about this Holden Caulfield fella.

Then we discuss the legacy of Elliott Smith, one of the greatest singer-songwriters in history and a man who inspired Tim to pursue an ill-fated record label internship in 2003.

 Album recommendations:  

Tom: Tindersticks - Across Six Leap Years
Tim: Quasi - Mole City

 While we're still working out the format of this show, if there's anything you want us to cover, email us at popeverything@gmail.com.