What Happened to Pop Everything?


You may recall that a few short months ago we started a new podcast called Pop Everything as a kind of companion show to The Complete Guide to Everything where we would focus on pop culture, giving recommendations and coming up with crazy theories about TV shows, books, music and movies. And, boy was it ever great. Literally everyone loved it, without reservation, and we got featured in the iTunes store and rocketed up the charts. The show’s success made us instant millionaires, and we spent our days lighting Cuban cigars with thousand dollar bills.

But after that initial sugar high, things got kinda stale. It turned into a show where two ill-prepared men kinda talked about what was on TV the previous week. Not much fun to record or, we imagine, listen to. Putting the show out each week made us feel like a couple of grade-A dunces. Not to mention the fact that we literally burned all of our money lighting those goddamn cigars.

So, to remedy this fact, we’re putting Pop Everything on hiatus for a bit while we figure out a way to make it more engaging and worthy of your time. We think we have some good ideas about what a TCGTE pop culture show should sound like, but we’re going to let them develop a little bit more before unleashing them on the world. We expect this to take weeks, not years, because that would be ridiculous. It’s just a podcast.

Anyway, we’ll be back with something resembling Pop Everything, but a whole lot more fun (hopefully) very soon. In the meantime, The Complete Guide to Everything will continue chugging along as it has for almost 5 years. Thanks for all your support, whether you’ve been a TCGTE fan since the beginning or if you’ve just discovered us. It really means a lot to us.