Basketball. B-ball. Tim and Tom went to a Brooklyn Nets game this week and now they've both got a bad case of basketball fever. They also talk about how terrible both of them are at basketball and the various levels of humiliation it has caused them throughout their lives.

Also, a problem involving being too young to buy fish at an aquarium is solved.

Joining A Gym

This week Tom joins a gym and has some very big plans for how the rest of his life will play out. Also, Tim is afraid of teens he sees on the bus. And in a new installment of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems we solve a problem from a listener whose parents are potentially stealing his hard earned money.

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Secret Menu Items

From "animal style burgers" to burritos wrapped in quesadillas to unofficial McDonald's sandwiches with really disgusting names, we're talking about secret menu items this week. Ya know, for people who like to go into a fast food joint and order "off the menu."

Also, Tim explains the Gilmore Girls to Tom and we have a very special announcement regarding the Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems theme song!

Stephen King

It's Christmastime, so this week we're doing an episode about noted horror novelist Stephen King. This guy does it all: writes books, has movies made based on his books, produces miniseries based on the same books successful movies have already been based on, and predicts the future in the books written by his pseudonym.

Also, Tom gets a weird contraption for his back and we solve a problem from a listener who expects us to figure out his whole life for him.


Mars. The Red Planet. We've all heard of it, but how many of us have actually been there? The answer may surprise you. The answer is none. None of us have actually been there. But that's not going to stop us from talking about Total Recall, Terraforming, One-Way Trips, Biodomes and everything else you need to know about if you want to go to Mars.

Also we solve a problem about a listener's friend who raps all the time.

Christmas Trees

This week we get in the holiday spirit and talk about Christmas trees. Tim helps Tom decide whether he should get a real tree that will make his dog sick and probably catch on fire, or a fake tree that will require him to empty out an entire room of his apartment for storage. We also take a look at reviews of classic books written by dumb children and solve a "problem" someone has because they get too much free wine.

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This week we talk about the recent controversies surrounding Uber, the car service run by bros. This somehow leads to heated conversation about the development of a real life Hoverboard.

We also bring back the popular segment "A Particular Type of A****** You Didn't Know Existed Until The New York Times Pointed Them Out To You" and solve a listener problem from a young married woman.

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Toys R Us

The toy-giving season is coming up, and this week we're talking about the mother of all toy stores: Toys R Us. We talk about how difficult it was to get there as a child, the horrible idea of letting kids "test" toys while making their wish lists, the logistics of buying a video game as a child and FAO Shwarz, the high end toy store recently bought by Toys R Us.

Also Tim has a foul smelling misadventure on the bus, Tom has some internet problems and we solve a problem about smoking cigarettes.

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This week Tim just can’t stop talking about Florida, where he just got back from tour and where he did not go to Disney World. Also Tim’s body can’t process alcohol, there are now Cronuts at Dunkin Donuts, the return of a classic segment Mundane Bucket List and the guys solve a problem about what to do when adults want to be your friend.

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Taylor Swift

This week we talk about the polarizing pop star Taylor Swift in a manner befitting two men in their 30s who have a tenuous grasp on what young people enjoy. We trace her career from her roots in country music to her current role as Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City, a place she has lived for 6 months. Oh well. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

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NY Comic Con

This week we discuss a topic near and dear to Tom's heart: comic book conventions. We somehow obtained press passes to New York Comic Con, and we pulled out all the stops! (Actually, we just brought a tiny recorder with us and we kinda screwed it all up.)

Listen as Tom gets excited about Batman stamps and Tim gets frightened by large crowds. Hear stories of Tom getting mad at everyone he encounters and Tim leaving and never coming back. 

Also, Tim gets very tired because he watches too many late night talk shows and Tom has issues with people wearing Google Glass.


Arcades are back, and now you can drink alcohol there even if you aren’t a juvenile delinquent! This week we’re talking about the rise of “barcades” as well as remembering back to the arcades of our youth and Tom’s obsession with Sega’s Time Traveler holographic video game. Also, Tim and Tom discuss the upcoming New York Comic Con and solve a listener problem about what to do when an annoying co-worker wants to be your real life friend.

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NYC Subway vs London Tube

This week, we discuss a recent article in The Guardian in which a British journalist trashed the New York City subway system for being needlessly confusing and extremely disgusting. In the interest of fairness, we, as New Yorkers, discuss our impressions of the London Tube and rationally compare the two public transportation systems in a calm and reasonable manner.

Also this week, Tom shows off his new iPhone that he bought after doing some ridiculous research, and we solve a listener's problem that causes Tim to reevaluate the way he lives his life.

Read the original article about the NYC subway at the Guardian's website:

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Derek Jeter

This week we discuss the retirement of one of baseball's brightest stars, Derek Jeter. If you don't know anything about Derek Jeter, don't worry -- we bring you up to speed very quickly. We also talk about a few of the more surprising aspects of his life, some of which are pretty shocking.

But first, we discuss Tim's recent trip to Iceland, Tom's casting decisions for the Captain Marvel movie and the acclaimed film Rounders 2. And in a new installment of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems, we tackle a question about a baby that says swear words.

Comic Book TV Shows (Fall 2014)

This week Tim’s on vacation so A.J. joins Tom to talk about something Tim would never want to: all the new comic book superhero TV shows coming to TV this fall. Tim and A.J. talk Tom’s trip to the NYC premiere of Gotham, the new season of Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more.

The guys also help an engineering intern try to figure out how to make his office stop smelling like fish in order to get him a job.