This week Tim and Tom are talking Groceries, something that neither of them thought to shop for until very recently. We're talking fruits, we're talking vegetables, are we talking meats? You're damn right we're talking meats. No stone is left unturned.

Also this week we solve a listener's problem concerning how to make an acquaintance into a friend without being a real weirdo about it.


Questions about branding? You've come to the right place. This week we're talking about rebranding efforts: Radio Shack, Pizza Hut, Dr. Pepper and a bunch of other brands have switched things up in a misguided attempt to appeal to young folks, and all of them paid a terrible price for doing so. Can we rebrand The Complete Guide to Everything to appeal to a new, hip audience? But first, Tom takes a magical trip to a new McDonalds with a magical touch screen.

Also, we solve a problem from a listener with a co-worker who is a boring drunk.



There's a blizzard a-comin'! As we prepare for the biggest snow storm to hit NYC in decades, we're talking all things snow: childhood memories, panicked rushes on the supermarkets for bread and milk, and building disappointing snowmen. We also come up with a foolproof plan to avoid snowstorms altogether in the future. And in a new installment of Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems, we help out a chef who can't seem to keep her subordinates out of jail.


This week we’re talkin’ glasses. It turns out they’re not just for nerds anymore because now Tom needs them too. Mostly this is just an episode where Tom complains, first about the Post Office, then about the process of getting an eye exam and buying glasses. Also, Tim answers a lot of Tom’s burning questions about the ins and outs of glasses ownership. Then at the very end we talk about how everyone admirable has been dying lately and it’s really sad.

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Sensory Deprivation

This week we're hittin' the tanks! We took a field trip to a new age-y place to get into sensory deprivation tanks. Was it fun? Did Tim lose his mind forever? Did Tom travel through the cosmos and discover the meaning of life? Listen and find out what we learned by lying down naked in some salt water in the dark for an hour.

Ska with Dan Deacon

Our old buddy and acclaimed music guy Dan Deacon stops by to ring in 2016 and talk about ska music, Santa Claus and a bunch of weird stuff with us. We also solve a couple listener problems in a special edition of Tim & Tom & Dan Solve Your Problems.


For the last episode of 2015, we talk about chocolate, the only food that Tom eats without complaining. We discuss the Mast Brothers controversy in detail and consistently mispronounce the word cacao. Also, Tim has a heartwarming holiday encounter in a pizza place.

US Mail

The Mail's here! Ha ha, just kidding, but we are talking about it this week. Soon you'll be able to look at pictures of your mail before you get it and maybe even do your banking at the post office. Plus Tim has some ideas about how the mail can be improved.

Stand-Up Comedy

This week we talk about that thing people in suits do with a microphone in front of a brick wall: stand-up comedy. Things get a little heated when we go through a strange list of best-ever comedians from 2005. Also, Tom tries to start a feud with an actor that nobody has ever heard of.


Another thrilling installment of Tom Explaining Something Nerdy to Tim! This week we’re talking about Role Playing Games, or RPGs, something Tom barely understands himself. We’re talking all about everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Fallout 4. 

We also solve a problem with how to deal with an acquaintance who is also a jerk. A jerkquaintance, if you will.

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Public Relations

Public Relations is a hard job. This week we talk about the PR efforts behind a new TV show (Tom was invited to a fancy premiere party), Adele’s new album and Justin Beaver: The Dancing Boy.

We also solve a problem that is super ridiculous.

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Can you believe we've never done an episode about Pizza? I mean, we probably have, but we couldn't find it listed anywhere so here it is. You'll find out our favorite toppings, least favorite toppings, and opinions about non-New York pizza which may surprise you!

Also we solve a problem relating to where to find a quiet place to propose in NYC.

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The Moon

This week we talk about the moon and whether or not it is actually made of cheese. Also, Tom gets a flu shot, Tim becomes a skeptic and we solve a problem from a listener who isn't sure whether or not to move in with his grandmother.

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The future is here, but not the future we were promised. This week we're talking about hoverboards, from Back to the Future 2, to real experimental hoverboards, to these weird self-balancing scooters that people are calling hoverboards. Also this week we solve a listener problem involving unwanted street violence.

Halloween Candy

This week two candy enthusiasts talk about candy for a while. We also discuss the spookiest Halloween songs, Tom considers what his life would be like as a drug addict and we solve a problem from a reasonable young woman whose friend is being a big jerk.

This week's episode is sponsored by TransferWise, the smart way to send money abroad. Head and your first transfer up to $500 will be free!

Back to the Future

This week Tim gets scared by a scarecrow and we're talking about Tom's favorite movies of all time: the Back to the Future trilogy. Also, we solve a problem concerning an elementary school teacher who has to tutor her boyfriend.

NYC Comic Con 2015

Well, the comic book convention rolled into town, so we put on our journalist hats and hit the floor of NYC Comic Con 2015. In this episode we talk about our experience amongst the crowds, Tom eats a Halloween-themed Whopper and we feature another installment of the occasional series "Tim's Tales of Cowardice." Also, Tom talks about Batman a lot, probably.

Pretty Woman

Look, sometimes in the podcast game you pick the topics and sometimes they pick you. And then sometimes you pick the topic but instead wind up talking about Pretty Woman for an hour instead. This week is one of those times. Also Tom lends his wisdom and experience as a former RA to solve a problem facing a new RA.


This week we talk about podcasts, a topic that we theoretically know a lot about. We also talk about the Pope's visit to New York (will a certain special guest drop by the TCGTE studio??) and we solve a problem from a barber who places lots of bets. Honestly, things kind of go off the rails in this episode.