New Episode This Weekend

Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking about new Pop Everything episodes, saying things like, "Hey, where are all the new Pop Everything episodes?" Well, there is a new one coming out this weekend and it's gonna be fun, we swear.

Sorry it took so long, and it won't take this much time in the future. It was a combination of a bunch of things: coordinating guests, our uncharacteristically busy travel schedules (did you know Tim had to travel to eleven weddings this summer??) and the fact that every episode requires several hours of preparation.

Anyway, we're gonna get back on track, starting this weekend. We're excited about this episode; our friend Fems is going to school us on the films of Dolly Parton. To hold you over until then, please enjoy this video of Dolly Parton playing "Yakety Sax" on a tiny saxophone.