After Dark Vol. 2 - 4GB USB Drive


After Dark Vol. 2 - 4GB USB Drive


4GB USB drive with cool twisty hidden USB connector containing the entire second season of TCGTE After Dark! If you're not familiar with After Dark, think of it as Tim & Tom hanging out with a distinguished and entertaining guest, talking about whatever topics suit their fancy.

But guess what? In addition to these episodes, the drives also contain almost 3.5 gigabytes of empty space. Put whatever you want on there, but please, leave us out of it.

Here's what you'll find on the drive:

"USB Minisode 2" (22:04) The much anticipated sequel to the first USB themed mini-episode from After Dark Vol. 1.

"Adam Frucci" (1:07:57) We talk with the comedy guy and Splitsider founder about board games, working as an NBC page and other nerdy things.

"Charlie Brand" (1:21:36) The lead singer of Miniature Tigers finally comes on our show and we were all very nice to each other.

"Jason Flowers" (1:21:21) You might know Jason from his work at the UCB Theatre or at Funny or Die. We spend most of this episode discussing pop music of the late 1990s.

"Pollex the Lawyer" (1:03:23) Listen as our friend Pollex, who is an actual lawyer, refuses to give us legal advice for a full hour.

"Taylor Moore" (1:09:04) NYC comedian and host of the "Ten Ideas" podcast tells us about some of the amazing jobs he has on his resume.

"Ellie Jackson" (1:18:31) The lovely and hilarious Ellie Jackson discusses her bizarre fascination with Renaissance Faires.

"Algernon Quashie" (1:07:02) AJ returns! More talk about Michael Jackson and video games from our fan favorite friend.

We also included a live show from Manchester that you probably have heard before.


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